1. Anonymous said: what's in your porn folder?

    A-anon, that’s…s-so forward of you.

    A-all right, b-but just this once.

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  2. Anonymous said: Are you a fan of RPGs?

    Not really. I’ll admit I’m not 100% familiar with them, but a lot of ones I’ve played have left me with a distinct eeehhhhnnn feeling about them that I can’t quite articulate.
    Is it the turn based combat? No, because that gives you a wonderful amount of time to prepare and strategize. Is it the plots based on friendship and love? No, because there’s a lot of games that like to subvert that, and besides I use those themes constantly in my own writing.
    I dunno, mate, but for some reason RPGs never tickled my stickles.

    There’s some exceptions, of course. Brave Fencer Musashi is among one of my top favorite games, and Neverwinter Nights is just absolutely hnggghhh—I played the hell out of that game and loved every moment of it. Then I played the hell out of NWN2 and loved (almost) every moment (mostly to laugh at the terrible plot).

    Then the servers for both went down and I cried, cried, cried.

    I miss playing with other people.

  3. Anonymous said: How did the character of Hae-Lin originate?

    That’s kind of an interesting question. DemonSteele goes way, way, way back and is quite a product of chance, coincidence, and luck, with thousands of different bits and pieces coming together into a whole.

    Well, I’ll skip the backstory and get to the relevant nonsense.

    While DemonSteele was incredibly early in development (referred to by the tentative name of “Folded 1000 Times”), me and kinsie were making jokes about the premise of the mod. The thing was still being developed simply as an experiment to see if melee could be made fun in Doom, I didn’t really have a lot of plans beyond that, and we were having a lot of fun brainstorming serious and silly ideas.
    Eventually, the topic came to who in the world thought it would be a good idea to charge at the demons with a katana.

    (Steam doesn’t have logs, so I’m rewriting off memory—forgive me if I misquote some things)

    <6000 ANGRY BEES> the entire idea really just kind of makes me laugh
    <6000 ANGRY BEES> there’s this nerd running around with this katana he got from anime con and he’s trying to be a ninja :V
    <TerminusEst13> Oh man.
    <TerminusEst13> And he’s like the most stereotypical neckbeard.
    <6000 ANGRY BEES> hahahaha
    <TerminusEst13> And he thinks he’s like the best samurai there is so he calls himself “-sama” and inserts in bad Japanese every chance he gets.
    <TerminusEst13> YES
    <6000 ANGRY BEES> (disclaimer: i don’t actually know what those words mean)
    <6000 ANGRY BEES> The intermission text between each level is him desperately trying to catch his breath because he’s never run that much
    <TerminusEst13> The only downside to this is that I can’t make the hitbox of the player too wide because Zandronum will reject it due to the size of the player skin.
    <6000 ANGRY BEES> wow
    <6000 ANGRY BEES> thanks zanrodum

    Though it was obviously just a joke, the idea kind of stuck with me. Someone who thinks they’re cooler than they really are, obsessed with Japan and Japanese culture, despite not actually being Japanese at all.

    I went with the tentative name of Kendra-sama, someone who was just a combination of the old Ken-sama copypasta and Swan Fox—a weeaboo who had the misfortune(?) of being possessed by demonic powers and used them to fight. A very generic backstory, nothing more than just for a few laughs.


    And a generic ~*~MOE~*~ schoolgirl look traced from some lass’s deviantart for maximum OC do not steel.

    But then an anon on /vr/ found the github I was pushing to for backup. And he downloaded and really liked it. Then decided to post about it in the Doom threads.
    And then other anons found the github and downloaded and liked it as well. And they wanted more.
    And then Mike12 came to be and talked about how this was something he had been wanting to do for a long time and he’d be willing to do art for it.

    Well, damn. I guess I had to get serious about things.

    I actually wasn’t super-familiar with a lot of different anime, so I had to do a lot of research. I called on my good friend crasical, who is very much an enthusiast of Japanese media (a giant weeb) and started brainstorming different concepts with him, as well as researching different iconic shows/comics of the 80s/90s period. We spent a good week and a half trying to come up with a design that was both distinctly obviously animu yet not very over-the-top.
    A good several days of which was incredibly frustrating to him, partially since I hadn’t quite settled on an artistic direction for the mod to go, so neither of us knew if it would be better to stay silly or if it would be good to go serious, or perhaps over-the-top edgy, or CUHRAZY.

    This was before I had settled on heavy metal for the major design direction, you see.

    The character backstory mostly remained the same, partially because I was more interested in fleshing out the gameplay first before tackling any lore, but much later in another thread I decided to post up the design document talking about the plans, and someone took offense to how generic it was.
    Well, yes, of course it was generic, that was the point. I’m more interested in doing gameplay first.
    But that wasn’t enough for him, and he insisted on writing up another story…something about being adopted into her family and latent demonic powers and waking up in a pool of blood from her slaughtered parents and other such nonsense. I couldn’t read very far into it.
    It was bad, and the other anons mocked him for it, and he left in a fit.

    But most interestingly was an idea that came up during the round-robin of laughter—why is it always demons?
    There’s always demonic weapons, demonic powers, demonic heritage, demonic skin care, demonic monsters, demons, demons, demons, demons. Why not have something from the opposite side? Logically, holy powers would be the most effective at slaying demons. Besides, what’s God doing during the demon invasion? Wouldn’t he want to step in and stop things?

    …And from there, character development was mostly linear. Hae-Lin slowly but surely formed into the spunky lass we have today.

    My only regret is that Jinal was banned before I was able to post the project on the ZDoom forums.

  4. Anonymous said: Ever had a chance to watch/read Terraformars Term? It reminded me a lot of Doom/Aliens but with giant cockroach people as the monsters.

    I haven’t, sorry.

    Most of my reading/watching material as of late has been modern-fantasy stuff studying for DemonSteele, be it silliness like The Devil is a Part-Timer or serious stuff like GARO.

  5. Anonymous said: Hey, what was the mod displayed in the intro of that COOL DOOM :) video?

    Cold Hard Cash 2, a work-in-progress by the ever-talented WildWeasel.

    It’s a neat take on a weapon progression system, and it’s mandatory checking-out for any people interested in seeing how gun-dump mods could be done well.

    You know, the kind where you get twenty different guns but only ever use, like, three? Yeah, those.

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I’m glad I put in such useful comments

My comments are condescending.

My comments reveal that I am actually 13 years old.



    I’m glad I put in such useful comments

    My comments are condescending.

    My comments reveal that I am actually 13 years old.

  8. Sworn to avenge, condemn to hell.
Tempt not the blade, all fear the Sentinel!

    Sworn to avenge, condemn to hell.

    Tempt not the blade, all fear the Sentinel!

  9. For those with rigs that aren’t quite packing on muscle, or who want to play online without worries of other people spamming particles.

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